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How to intercept text messages of someone’s cell phone secretly?

text message interceptingTo intercept text messages is a pretty simple process. It involve installing a special spy app on the cell phone in question called a text message interceptor. This snooping technology will then do everything for you. Once an sms message has been sent or received by the phone it is going to be captured. After that, all the details will be sent to you for viewing. Nothing can be more simpler than that. The only thing is that there is a catch to this whole thing. The catch is that the phone's sms messages can only be monitored if you have the opportunity to install the mobile spy software onto the mobile. How long does it takes you may wonder? Well, usually most sms spy software takes a moment to download, install and run but sometimes getting that moment can be very difficult because you may find the person is guarding that phone like a hawk. No worries there are ways and means to get around this.

A common practice is to buy the person a new phone with the text message interceptor pre-installed on the phone in question. Your teen or employee will be so excited they won't suspect anyone has configured such a program on their gift. Christmas and birthdays are great times to implement this type of strategy to intercept their text messages. If it is such that you intended to purchase them a cellular in the first place it makes it even better. Other practices include downloading and setting up the program in the middle of the night, swapping cell phones and more. Intercepting text messages is so important in discovering the truth that many creative ways have been developed to accomplish this task. Just think about it and you will come up with some creative methods as well for your situation. The key is not to allow your kid or staff member know he or she is being monitored otherwise the whole plan would be a failure.

Now that you have installed the sms interceptor and you are able to view every communication that is being sent or received, what next? Well you may discover your initial suspicions may be true. For example  your children maybe involved in sexting or skipping school. The next step you will have to take is actually dealing with issue. It is may not be easy but take this piece of advice; never let the person know how you get your information. Never reveal to them that you intercept text messages and spy on their phone. This will definitely add more fuel to your fire and remember you may need to use this sms spy program at a later time.

If you are serious about purchasing a text message spy app then there are two programs you should seriously consider looking at. The first one is Mobistealth and the second is Mobile Spy.


Mobistealth offers its users a choice between three different packages which are Lite, Pro and Prox. Each package has a different price attached to it  and also its own set of features. As you move from the Lite version and progress to the Prox you would find that the robustness of the attributes increasing. The full range of features include being able to spy on sms messages, call details, photos taken, videos, websites visited, calendar events, gps location of the smart phone, Whatsapp chat, phone conversations (record the actual call for certain smart phones), environment (listen in on the mobile surroundings by turning on the mic) and a few others. The price of Mobistealth is what usually encourage people to use it because its cost just under 40 bucks for its Lite version. If you are interested in finding out more about intercepting text messages with Mobistealth then you must visit www.mobistealthpro.com.

 mobile spy cell phone surveillance app

Mobile spy which is the alternative carries the most features between the two. It has all the features that Mobistealth carries except the one to actually listen in on phone conversations. Besides that it could also be used to monitor facebook chat, twitter, yahoo messenger, imessages, windows live, AOL, you tube videos watched and more. There is also an add-on which is used to see everything which is done on the cell phone. This is called live surveillance and it is like watching the activities of the device on a tv. The starting price of 50 bucks is definitely worth it. One more added bonus with this app is that it permit the user to track up to three separate smart devices (mobiles and tablets) with a single purchase. For further details on how to intercept text messages and other communications with Mobile spy simply visit to go to the main website.


What are the best text message interceptor apps on the market today

text message interceptorWhen it comes to choosing a text message interceptor app there are two programs which really stands out. Their names are Spybubble and Mobile spy respectively. Both of them does a great job of intercepting text messages for your viewing however what really differentiate them is the price and features. Usually you will never get a text message spy which will have that one function. Therefore you will get other features in addition to being able to spy on sms messages. Some features you would want and others you can care less about. Whether you want them or not you will still have to pay for them.

Spy bubble is the most popular text message interceptor app on the market today. In addition to sms spying it also has the ability to track virtually any cell phone via gps; check the phone's call log; read emails sent or received; see every picture on the phone; record every website visited;  view the contacts in the phonebook; monitor instant messenger conversations (e.g. whatsapp, bbm, and imessage); mobile bugging (listening in on the surroundings) and call tapping (eavesdropping on a live conversation). These are more than enough features to get the job done. This is especially true when you consider the fact you can listen in on a phone call with this application. Can you imagine what secrets you will uncover with just this alone? If you are interested in purchasing this app, it will cost you at least $49.99USD and is backed with a 60 day guarantee. If you are looking for a little more then the next best choice is Mobile Spy.

mobile spy sms interceptor

Mobile spy text message interceptor is the next product best product on the market. This sms monitoring app has been on the internet from since 2008. Its core functionality is the same as Spybubble with the exception of call tapping. It takes things a bit further with its ability to track skype messages, viber, kick messenger, facebook, twitter and much more. It is definitely giving the number one position some serious competition because it has widen its scope significantly of recent times. Another quality which makes it attractive is the fact that it offers a free 7 day trial. If you do not like it then, you would not have to purchase it in the first place. Mobile spy costs between $49.99 to $139.97 USD depending on which subscription package you would like to be on. Therefore; you can intercept text messages and more for 3, 6 or 12 months. If you decide to purchase the option for one year then you will acquire a program known as Sniper spy. Sniper spy cannot monitor text messages but can be used to keep an eye on someone's computer in real time. You will see all their passwords,  instant messenger conversations etc.

If you would like more information on these text message interceptors you can take a look at our reviews by clicking on the links below.

Spybubble review

Mobile spy review


Android sms spy- How can you secretly spy on an android phone text messages

Generally when you hear about an Android sms spy app, people usually link it to surveillance and defense agencies  most of which they have seen on TV. These are the FBI, the CIA  etc. The great thing is that this software is actually available for regular people to purchase and use. Therefore if you need to keep an eye on someone you don't need a license or anything just a few bucks will get you an sms interceptor.

After you have purchased the program, you will then need to log into the program's website and get the necessary installation instructions for the Android phone which is being used. After that comes the tricky part which is to install the sms spy program onto the phone. It can be done within a few minutes the only thing which is needed is physical access. After the set up is complete it is then time for you to go back to the website and see what is going on.

Depending on what you have requested you maybe able to monitor more than just text messages. Typically, Android sms spy software comes with additional features such as the ability to log calls made and received; listen to conversations, track the phone via gps etc. Although it is kool to know that you can monitor every single communication made by a phone people are more interested in how it can benefit them.

Well the most important thing any sms spy for an Android phone can do is help you discover the truth. For example suppose you are an employer, this technology can definitely help you determine if an employees is committing fraud or is involved in company espionage. Parents can discover what troubles their children are getting into or if they are lost, you can easily locate them. As you can see, the benefits of this software depends on how you choose to use it. Many people use it also to catch their spouse cheating, so basically anything is possible with this type of technology.

So what software should I look to purchase? Presently one of the top apps to spy on an Android text messages is Mobile spy. This unique app is capable on monitoring more than just sms messages. It is also capable of intercepting Whatsapp chat, Skype, Viber, emails,phone book details, gps locations, websites visited and much more. In addition you would also be given a free computer monitoring app if you decide to go with the yearly subscription. If you are interested in finding out more details take a look at our Mobile spy review or


First review of Ispyoo mobile monitoring system

Ispyoo is a mobile spy application which has been in existence since 2010. It wasn't well known for some time however; coming close to the end of 2013 it has increased significantly in popularly in the surveillance industry. In this evaluation of Ispyoo we would be looking at this particular program in detail especially with regards to how it can help you. Is it really worth investing in? Or should you try for something else whether cheaper or more robust? These are two of the questions that the potential buyer would have on their lips. The idea of this guide is to give you enough information so that you could decide to go ahead with the purchase or find another application instead.

After all in this world there are options but with everyone stating there are number one it makes its harder to discern who is the real deal.

So what makes Ispyoo so special?

As you may have guessed there are other spy applications out there which mean there is a choice. So why would want to purchase this specific one. Well there are a number of reasons but the main ones are:

Features: Ispyoo carries some of the most coveted functions there are on the market and this includes whatsapp monitoring, call interception (the ability to record phone converations) and mobile bugging.

Price: Similar features that would be carried by another application would cost you roughly $200 especially with the call interception feature. This is significantly greater than the $99.99USD you would have to pay for this product.

Free trial: You are able to take Ispyoo for a test drive before you pay for it. This is excellent because you can see for yourself whether it delivers on its promises or not. Also during this free run there are surely going to be questions which you may have and those could be answered before you commit to anything. buy now to be taken to the free sign up page.

Compatibility: Works with most android smart devices (tablets and smart phones), iphones and ipads.

Response to queries: This is done through either email or live chat on the website.

Overall these things may not seem like much but it truly shows how Ispyoo is looking after its customers. If you would do a little research you would notice that there are not many apps which carry these 5 benefits entirely.

What are its attributes?

There are numerous activities which this app can keep track of and to list them all is not the purpose of this review because we would like to make things as concise as possible. Right now, we would concentrate on the pertinent ones in the list and this includes:

Facebook messenger conversations logging
Ambient voice recording: Also referred to as surroundings bugging in which you can listen in on the environment of the mobile device.
sms spying
Video logging
Picture logging
Sim change notification
Device Location tracking
Call history

Although this is not every single feature, you can gather from the list above the depth to which Ispyoo digs when it comes to monitoring an individual's mobile activities. There is not much more you may need to uncover the truth through this type of surveillance. All of the features are noted on the main website and you should take a look at it when you reach the end of this evaluation.

How do you begin?

Everything starts at the main website in which you sign up for this application for free. For 48 hours you would have access to the full functionality of the Ispyoo mobile monitoring application. At the end of this time you can then decide to purchase a subscription in order to continue. If you want to see more or purchase then you would need to click here to find out more.

do not have to sign up but register for the trial. After the trial you would be prompted to . If you are interested then you should click the banner below.


Best review of Sniperspy with an instant 25% discount to boot

sniperspy new releaseWindows and mac based personal computers were the first smart devices in the world. Although their popularity are decreasing slowly but surely because many people are opting for tablets and smaller devices. The fact still remain that these devices would be here for a while and may never be completely eradicated. Now Sniperspy is a computer monitoring program which goal is to feed information to the user on the happenings of the machine it is installed on. Yes, there are other programs which carry this similar goal but, Sniperspy is the only one which offers the live surveillance option and the remote installation (this is carried by few now).

What is live surveillance you may ask? Well it is a feature similar to that utilised by network administrators who would see your complete interactions on the screen. For example, the movements of the mouse; every application opened; every key pressed etc and all of this is done in real time online (similar to watching a tv screen). The remote setup is just as cool because you do not need access to the workstation in order to install Sniperspy. This method involves using a special module supplied by the vendor which attaches itself onto a document (e.g. word document) or media file(e.g. picture). As soon as the file is opened Sniperspy is launched completely configured and unknown to the computer user. The only thing which you must do is to ensure the person opens the file and this is done typically by sending it through an email.

After the setup has being done whether remotely or locally, it is then time to view what has been recorded. As the data is logged it is sent to the application secure server for storage. In order to access this information you must log on to your specific account which would carry a password which only you would know. Then up pops the control panel which covers all of the activities captured. Below is a screenshot of what you would see when you have logged on. The navigation is very straightforward and also intuitive even for a non-techie person. Simply click on the activity you wish to know about and scroll to the particular log of interest. There are also a search option which help to isolate the particular even a lot quicker especially when you need to look back through the history.

sniperspy monitoring interface

What are the main functions of Sniper spy computer keylogger app?

Other than the two key features mentioned earlier the other ones you should look out for are:

Screenshots: Take a full snapshot of the screen at preset time intervals or during certain events.

Surrounding Recordings: Make an audio recording by turning on the microphone.

Facebook Logging: Track key strokes, screen shots and page views while you are on the social media website.

Clipboard Logs: Capture all entries that are copied.

PC Location Mapping: Uses the ip address to determine the location of  machine.

Instant messenger monitoring: This allow you to view both sides of conversations such as Skype, ICQ, Yahoo etc.

Content Filtering: Block certain websites, instant messenger applications and social media websites from operating.

Email Reporting: Acquire your spy logs via email instead of using the the Sniperspy control panel.

Remote Uninstall: Removes computer keylogger without having to physically do in on the work station.

These are just a few of them and the list keeps growing. So we invite you to view the entire list on the website by clicking the button below. view features

 How do I get started?

In order to get started you need to register for the application by paying the subscription fee which lower range is $39.95 USD. Once the payment goes through you would receive an email which gives the guidelines of utilising the actual software whether remotely or otherwise. Just follow everything outlined to you in the instructions and you would be fine. In order to acquire this 25% discount visit www.sniperspy-review.com


A clearcut review of Stealthgenie for potential buyers of this product

stealthgenie mobile spy software

Before purchasing any kind of product it is great to get a perspective from someone who does not work in the company and that is why this review of Stealthgenie was done. Its goal is to give the potential purchaser a heads up into what he will be acquiring. Clarifying any misconceptions he or she may have in their mind with respect to the product at hand. After all, a misunderstanding may mean purchasing a product which you do not need or bypassing one which is the right tool for the job. Either one is not good at all.

So what is Stealthgenie?

In plain english, it is a piece of software which when installed onto a mobile device allow you to peek at certain activities secretly. This is via their website in which you use a unique password to view what is happening with that particular mobile gadget. In all, this is an excellent means to know the real person you are dealing with because the things which would not be said to you would be said, via some mobile medium. Since Stealthgenie is so effective in what it does, there are many people who have rated and recommended it highly.

In our experience it works well and have a number of qualities which would be desired by anyone using such an app. This goes not only for the general functioning of the product (i.e. it delivers on what is promised) but, other things which make the difference such as an intuitive user interface which makes it easy for a non techie to pick up. Also the support is great because it is through a live messenger service which help the potential user to avoid the long wait by emailing the vendor back and forth.

How does it work?

There is a simple process in which you can get started with the Stealthgenie app and it commences with ensuring it is compatible with the device you are looking to monitor. It works with Android (smart phone or tablet), iphone, ipad and Blackberry. If you have any doubt then you could either go to the list provided or contact customer support. You would then have to register for the application online which involves paying the price for the software and then going through the whole installation procedure. When the setup has been completed Stealthgenie starts recording certain transmissions and upload them onto its secure server.

Access to the logs can be achieved via a special code which is issued on registration. This contains records which are particular to that mobile device only. Take a look at the short video below for more details on the who procedure.


When it comes down to it, one of the most decisive factors in purchasing any product, software or otherwise is its functionality. In other words, what can it do for me? Now when you are dealing with Mobile monitoring, Stealthgenie offers a number of useful features and some of them are offered exclusively by this app alone. Some of the more important functions includes:

Text message monitoring

Call Recording

Mobile bugging - Listening to the surroundings of the device up to 15 ft.

Instant Messenger spying - This includes the ability to read whatsapp, facebook messages, blackberry messenger, skype, viber and more.

Sim change notifications - A text with the details about the sim change is sent to you.

Keywords Alert - Instant notification of when a particular word is used in an email or text. You would get an sms message.

Multimedia monitoring - Every picture, video, and music audio is made available to the user.

Remote Control - Locking, unlocking and complete wiping of the device can be done remotely from the Stealthgenie control panel.

Gps tracking - In addition to knowing where the mobile is the user also has the ability to mark areas which when crossed would notify the user.

These are not every one of the functions available but from just these few alone you can easily see some of the important information which can be gathered. If you are curious about the rest you can visit the website by clicking the link coming up or by taking a look at the demo.

view demo

How do I learn more or buy?

There is no other way but by going to the website. When you are on the site it is possible to ask questions, purchase, view demos and much more. You would need to CLICK HERE to visit the Stealthgenie website.



Top facebook monitoring software for computers

 woman on facebook


If you are looking to monitor the activities of any computer then you should ensure the software used is capable of spying on facebook. Why is that you may wonder? Well if you do not know what is facebook then you definitely are not from this world. It is the biggest social networking website in the world with millions of users worldwide who keeps on joining daily. It has truly changed the way we interact with each other because of the interesting features such as comments, likes, facebook messenger and more. As a result it has quite a great online presence that almost everyone you know is utilising it at one point or the other.

As a result facebook monitoring software is an excellent way to discover the true motives of someone easily. This is whether it is for the PC or the mobile device. In this review we will be looking at tracking the events for the computer however; we also have an overview of doing the same thing for cell phones and tablets as well. If you want to learn more simply visit our review on facebook spy software for mobile devices.

So what can you view?

The applications which are offered for PC give you the ability to:

  • Take screenshots of the happenings on facebook
  • Monitor each page visited
  • Capture keystrokes typed while visiting this website ( the combination of this and screenshots allow you to understand facebook messenger conversations better)

Overall this is a good way to stay abreast in terms of the happenings of this website. Below is a screen shot of the actual control panel of Sniperspy which is one of the recommended products for this type of surveillance.

sniperspy facebook logs

You would not only notice that everything mentioned early is right there sitting on your lap also, the app allow surveillance of other events such as messenger services, websites visited by the browser etc. These attributes help quite a bit because not everything would be done on facebook and there is definitely no harm in gathering as much details as possible.

Tell me about the software available

The first one mentioned was Sniperspy which should be your first choice in this matter. It is an excellent computer keylogger program which gives the user the option to install it either locally or remotely. The main difference with this application when compared to the others is its live surveillance option in which you can watch all of its activities in real time like you are watching a live feed on your television. In other words you see things as there are happening. Sniperspy also has the position in which it works similarly on a windows based system as well as mac. The starting price is $39.95USD which is a lot less than your regular pc spy program although it offers much more. You can find out everything you need about this software if you visit the main website simply

Click Here

Presently there is a sale in which you can acquire Mobile spy (cell phone and tablet monitoring) and Sniperspy for around 100 bucks. Check the promotion on the left for more details.

Alternatively, you can also utilise Acespy as the other option. It may not carry all of the bells and whistles as Sniperspy but it would definitely get the job done whether it is on a windows based platform or a mac one. Please note it does carry supplementary functions such as instant messenger monitoring, website blocking, screenshot capturing and more. It is best to buy now to view everything about it and to learn more. If you do decide to go ahead then you would be looking at $59.97USD for a license.


Facebook spying software for cell phones

monitoring facebook messages

Are you suspicious of someone's facebook chat? Is there a genuine concern about what he or she is up to chatting away all the time? Well you do not have to worry about the details anymore because there are two cell phone tracking programs on the web which would allow you to spy on the facebook conversations of an android or iphone plain and simple. Software like this didn't exist a few years ago but many people are interested in finding out the truth. As a result with demand came the creation.

If you think about it, in any relationship most of the time you have to go by what the person says. Well, we all know how that goes.  When they talk to you it is one way but on the outside it is another story. By using a facebook spy app to monitor someone who continuously utilises this social networking website, something is bound to shop up sooner or later. For instance, let's take a scenario of drugs. If your child is a facebook junky that drug talk would eventually creep into a conversation. It might not be with the dealer but with a friend or someone else. When you acquire your evidence then you can easily work things how best you see fit.

Operation of the software

Its purpose is to give the user the ability to read the facebook conversations of the mobile device it is setup on. From the online control panel (which is located on its website) you would also be able to view the content, time, and names of the participant in the chat.  Take for example the screenshot below show how Mobile Spy which is one of the software listed in this review displays its Facebook message tracking. It's layout is pretty neat and also straight to the point in terms of what exactly you would need. You would also notice there are other things which are logged too. This helps to enhance the effectiveness of the monitoring because this particular application also concentrate on other popular mobile device activities.

facebook tracking interface

List of the Facebook spy software

As mentioned earlier the list is short and only have two. The first is mobile spy which has the most experience and years in this industry. The company responsible for the creation of this application has been in the business since 2003 and continues to grow in popularity. The service and software is currently second to none but it also goes a bit further because it also has a special offer in which it offers the user Sniperspy which could be used to spy on facebook conversations on the windows pc as well as mac. This is all for just a 100 bucks. The best thing which you can do is to visit its website. To learn more or purchase take a look at our complete mobile spy review to get our opinion before going any further.

The next app which you should look at using is called Highster Mobile. It is a cheaper alternative to Mobile spy costing the user just $69.95USD for a subscription. Unlike Mobile spy which deals with time based subscription system Highster Mobile require that you pay a one time fee and that is it. It also comes with some additional belts and whistles such as call interception. The thing you should do is to take a look and both and make a decision on which one will work best for you. In order to get more details on this facebook spy, you must CLICK HERE TO VISIT HIGHSTER MOBILE.