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How can i see my boyfriends text messages

read boyfriend text messagesReading your boyfriend's text messages may seem to be a lack of trust but sometimes that is the only way to give yourself a piece of mind in a relationship. After all with infidelity on the rise and the fact that cheating is becoming the norm a girl really needs a heads up to know whether he is prince charming or just a frog. Sometimes it is may not even be your guy but other girls trying to get your man away from you as well.

Keeping an eye on him will allow you to be in the know so you can be prepared for the worst and work to suit. If you view your boyfriend's text messages pretty regularly chances are you will be able to catch some of these issues and either nip it in the butt or part your ways. There is only one problem with this, and that is by the time you go to see the sms messages chances are he deleted them already. He may also accuse you of a lack of trust by doing so even though he has something to hide. So what are the alternatives to knowing what really is happening?

Well a simple text message interceptor app is one way to keep an eye on his cell phone messages without him knowing what it is happening. Spybubble is a neat app which is used to monitor cell phone communications without the person knowledge. It costs around $29.99USD (with discount) and can be used to monitor text messages (read each communication sent or received); the phone's gps location (discover exactly where the phone is within a few feet); calls made and received and also all the contacts in the user's contact book.

The key to using this type of technology is that you need access to the phone. It takes about ten minutes to install and setup and after that you will be able to view all of your boyfriend's communications by logging onto Spybubble's main website. The great part about this spy app is that you will never have to touch that phone again to know what is going on with him. Also since all the information is on the internet that means no matter which part of the world you are you will have access to his records (providing you do have internet access).

If you are interested in using Spybubble to secretly see your boyfriend text messages then

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