Text message interceptor Secretly spy on all text messages sent and received


How to intercept text messages of someone’s cell phone secretly?

text message interceptingTo intercept text messages is a pretty simple process. It involve installing a special spy app on the cell phone in question called a text message interceptor. This snooping technology will then do everything for you. Once an sms message has been sent or received by the phone it is going to be captured. After that, all the details will be sent to you for viewing. Nothing can be more simpler than that. The only thing is that there is a catch to this whole thing. The catch is that the phone's sms messages can only be monitored if you have the opportunity to install the mobile spy software onto the mobile. How long does it takes you may wonder? Well, usually most sms spy software takes a moment to download, install and run but sometimes getting that moment can be very difficult because you may find the person is guarding that phone like a hawk. No worries there are ways and means to get around this.

A common practice is to buy the person a new phone with the text message interceptor pre-installed on the phone in question. Your teen or employee will be so excited they won't suspect anyone has configured such a program on their gift. Christmas and birthdays are great times to implement this type of strategy to intercept their text messages. If it is such that you intended to purchase them a cellular in the first place it makes it even better. Other practices include downloading and setting up the program in the middle of the night, swapping cell phones and more. Intercepting text messages is so important in discovering the truth that many creative ways have been developed to accomplish this task. Just think about it and you will come up with some creative methods as well for your situation. The key is not to allow your kid or staff member know he or she is being monitored otherwise the whole plan would be a failure.

Now that you have installed the sms interceptor and you are able to view every communication that is being sent or received, what next? Well you may discover your initial suspicions may be true. For example  your children maybe involved in sexting or skipping school. The next step you will have to take is actually dealing with issue. It is may not be easy but take this piece of advice; never let the person know how you get your information. Never reveal to them that you intercept text messages and spy on their phone. This will definitely add more fuel to your fire and remember you may need to use this sms spy program at a later time.

If you are serious about purchasing a text message spy app then there are two programs you should seriously consider looking at. The first one is Mobistealth and the second is Mobile Spy.


Mobistealth offers its users a choice between three different packages which are Lite, Pro and Prox. Each package has a different price attached to it  and also its own set of features. As you move from the Lite version and progress to the Prox you would find that the robustness of the attributes increasing. The full range of features include being able to spy on sms messages, call details, photos taken, videos, websites visited, calendar events, gps location of the smart phone, Whatsapp chat, phone conversations (record the actual call for certain smart phones), environment (listen in on the mobile surroundings by turning on the mic) and a few others. The price of Mobistealth is what usually encourage people to use it because its cost just under 40 bucks for its Lite version. If you are interested in finding out more about intercepting text messages with Mobistealth then you must visit www.mobistealthpro.com.

 mobile spy cell phone surveillance app

Mobile spy which is the alternative carries the most features between the two. It has all the features that Mobistealth carries except the one to actually listen in on phone conversations. Besides that it could also be used to monitor facebook chat, twitter, yahoo messenger, imessages, windows live, AOL, you tube videos watched and more. There is also an add-on which is used to see everything which is done on the cell phone. This is called live surveillance and it is like watching the activities of the device on a tv. The starting price of 50 bucks is definitely worth it. One more added bonus with this app is that it permit the user to track up to three separate smart devices (mobiles and tablets) with a single purchase. For further details on how to intercept text messages and other communications with Mobile spy simply visit to go to the main website.

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