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Best blackbery messenger spy software | What apps are available out there?

blackberry messenger spyingBlackberry messenger spy software has surfaced since 2009 as phone surveillance companies began to notice that people who use this type of smart phone tend to primarily use bbm as their primary means of communications. After all the blackberry messenger service is free and it is pretty convenient when it comes to sending messages to your friends, employees or love ones. Some people even prefer to use this service instead of hearing another voice on the other end of the line. Therefore if the person you are thinking about monitoring uses this service exclusively that means a simple text message interceptor may not give you the information you are looking for. If you want to get a true representation of what is occurring with the user of the mobile phone your best bet will definitely be a bbm spy program.

Currently when it comes to spying on blackberry messenger there are two apps which actually stands out on the web. The first is called Flexispy. Both of them do a terrific job as a monitoring app however they differ in features and also pricing. Mobistealth in this case gives you the best value for money if you are looking strictly for a Blackberry messenger spy app. It offers additional features such as gps tracking, text message intercepting, reverse phone book lookup, call logging, video logging, surroundings listening and more.

If you are unable to catch the person on the messenger service you will surely be able to do that through the other features which are offered by this product. Another great thing about this solution is that it comes will three billing options of 3 months, 6 months or one year which makes it affordable to different persons with varying budgets. Let’s face it you may not even need this surveillance application for more than a month because when you discover what is actually transpiring you may dissolve your relationship with that person. If you are interested in finding out more about this surveillance program then www.mobistealthpro.com.

Flexispy is a super advance bbm spy which has very similar features to Mobistealth but it has one feature which stands above the others and that are call tapping. Yes if you purchase this software you can actually listen into a conversation live as it is taking place. If you really need to know what is going on with someone then nothing can escape Flexispy but if you are just looking for a blackberry messenger spy then it is better to go with Mobistealth especially when you are on a tight budget. For more information on Flexispy you can www.flexispy-omni.com.


What is the best blackberry sms spy app out there?

blackberry sms spyThere are quite a few blackberry sms spy apps on the market today and the first thing you would notice is the difference in features and also price. Price is directly related to the number of features therefore the more features your blackberry sms interceptor carries then the more you will have to pay for the particular program. Prices on the market varies and can be as low as $60 and go as high as  $400.00 USD. If you are looking for a neat app to spy on blackberry sms messages then you should take a look at Spybubble.

For starters it is the most popular app on the market today when you need to intercept text messages on a blackberry or any other cell phone out there. It works by you installing the application onto the phone you would like to monitor. This blackberry sms spy takes only a few minutes to install and after that every single text message will be captured and sent to you. To read what was sent or received you will then have to log into your account. This would have been setup prior to the installation of the app. The great thing is that this software actually captures additional information such as calls made and received by the phone, gps tracking and it also lists all of the contacts on the phone. The great thing about this is that you can get all of this for just $40.00 (discounted price by clicking the banner). However if you would like to know more then there are other options. It comes down to what you are willing to pay and also what features you may desire.

For example with a blackberry sometimes using a text message interceptor may not give you the results you require because people tend to use blackberry messenger primarily. Therefore if you would like to spy on both sms messages and bbm messages you would need to use a program such as Mobistealth. This can actually monitor both systems at a starting price of $79.99 USD. If you would like to take it even further and tap the person's phone that is also possible but you would need to use another app known as Flexispy.

Flexispy gives you the options to tap the person's bb (listen to their conversations), monitor their bbm and much more. This software is the high end of blackberry sms spy. As mentioned before it is up to you and your needs.

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