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Quick tips to intercepting text messages on anyone’s cell phone

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The key to intercepting text messages without the person knowing is to choose the right spy app for that particular job. There are a number of text message interceptor apps on the market and like anything else you need to be able to choose the right one for the particular task you have in mind. People are not just interested in spying on text messages anymore but other communications for example you may want to listen into a cell phone call or you may want to track the phone’s location.  Both of these features are possible once the software provides those capabilities. After you have found the software with the features you must ensure that program is compatible with the phone you are monitoring.

Compatibility problems are usually the main issue with interceptor programs users because most people are so caught up with the price or the features that they fail to take note of whether the program can work with the phone. Even if the application’s website says it will work with a particular type or brand (e.g. blackberry) it still may not cover the phone you are monitoring. Usually you will see a list of mobiles on the website however if this is not seen then you should contact customer support with the particular phone model. Once it is confirmed that it will work the next step to intercepting that person text messages will be to actually install the sms spy onto the particular phone. This is another cause of headaches because although it will take ten minutes to install if you can’t get that ten minutes then it is impossible to monitor that cell phone. A common technique is to give the person a phone as a gift with the software for intercepting text messages installed prior.

So what are your options in terms of apps. Well currently the most popular sms spy apps are Mobile Spy and Mobistealth. These two programs are both very powerful in which both could monitor sms messages, gps locations, call logs, whatsapp messages, blackberry messenger and more. Mobistealth offers three different packages in which you have the choice of Lite, Pro or Prox. In this way you have a pricing structure starting under 40 bucks and you could choose what additional features you wish. This program has been around for sometime and is increasing its repertoire daily. If you would like to delve in deeper to what Mobistealth can do for you then visit www.mobistealthpro.com.

Mobile spy is slightly more expensive text message interceptor program but offers more bang for buck because you would be able to spy on three separate smart phones and it has even more features than its competitor. In terms of customer service it offers telephone support seven days a week. This means that you could easily talk to someone in the event you run into trouble and avoid the standard ticket system if you wish. When choosing between the two there is quite a bit to think about but take your time and ensure you are making the right decision first and foremost. If you would like to find out more then take a look at our Mobile Spy review or  to go to the main website. Also good luck on your text message intercepting journey.


How to monitor your child’s cell phone activites? How can a sms interceptor help you to know what is going on?

sextingAre you a parent who is concerned about what your child is doing with their cell phone. Are they being involved in sexting with their friends or maybe skipping school? When raising a child knowing is definitely power for example did you know that sexting is the new craze for children and teenagers in which they will send sexual explicit messages, photos etc to their friends. Depending on what material is being sent it can even be a criminal offence. Did you know your child might be labelled a sex offender if successfully prosecuted and that can affect them for the rest of their lives?  Well this is one of the reasons why intercepting their text messages and other communications is sometimes so important.

If you put sexting aside there are many things in which children and teenagers can get into. This can be via peer pressure or they maybe the instigator themselves. Luckily children usually don't get involved in mischief by themselves they may hint it to a friend or the same friend may ask them to come along. This is where a text message interceptor comes in because you will be able to read every sms message sent or received to them. Don't think these types of apps are limited to sms spying at all. They actually come with a range of additional features in which for a few bucks you can know almost everything that is going on with your children. Some of the common features used are gps tracking, call logging, photo logging and more. Some sms interceptors also give you parental control of the phone. This means you can block certain people from calling and texting your child. You can also block them from certain websites. It is amazing how far text messages interceptors have really gotten.

If you are interested in purchasing a simple sms spy in which you have basic functions such as gps tracking, call logging etc then Spybubble is what you really need to look at. It is the most popular application currently on the market today. However if you need parental controls then you would have to use a program like Phonesheriff. This app allows you full control of your children's cell phone in addition to intercepting text messages and other communications. It is perfect for parents who want a little control over their children when there are not in there site.

If you are interested in finding out more about Phonesheriff you  


How can intercepting text messages help you to catch a cheater?

catch a cheaterIt is a fact that the number of people cheating in relationships are actually on the rise. It is also a fact that the sales of text message interceptors have also increased likewise.  This is because it is more difficult to catch a cheater now than it was many years ago. People who are unfaithful have many tricks up their sleeves therefore for you to catch them you will also have be tricky as well. The first thing you must be able to recognise is that in order to cheat you need to communicate. Communication is the key to keeping a relationship together but also the key to get inside someone's pants. The main method people use to interact with each other today is their mobile phones.

Therefore if you want to catch a cheater it would be beneficial if you could spy on that person's cell phone. Think about what you can learn by just intercepting  the person's text messages alone. Many cheaters do send and receive incriminating messages to their lovers via text messages but the only thing is that these correspondences are surely deleted the same time. This is where an sms spy comes in handy because whether the communication is deleted or not you will see. Therefore if there is something screwy on you will get your evidence and it will be unbiased because this is what the person is doing with their own hands.

Being able to intercept text messages is great however these types of phone spy apps go a bit further. Typical sms spy apps allow you to do some cool stuff such as gps tracking, call logging and more. Gps tracking is another great feature to catch your spouse or lover cheating. This features actually zooms into the person's location therefore if he is suppose to be at work and his location is at a friend's home then you know something is up. The fact remains you can get any feature you wish with these types of apps but it depends on how much you are willing to invest in catching a cheater. The key thing is to choose a package which is right for you. This takes into account your budget an will likely reap the best results.

If you are interested in a good sms interceptor solution then take a look at Spybubble. It is a neat sms spy which offers additional features such as gps tracking, call logging etc for just $49.95USD. Otherwise another great choice is Mobile spy which costs between $49.97 and $99.97. The great part about this second app is that it offers you a free computer spy program providing you subscribe to the one year program. As a result you would be able to spy on cheater's phone and computer. If you would like more information on these Spybubble you should   and if you would like more information on Mobile spy you can .


How to intercept text messages of someone’s cell phone secretly?

text message interceptingTo intercept text messages is a pretty simple process. It involve installing a special spy app on the cell phone in question called a text message interceptor. This snooping technology will then do everything for you. Once an sms message has been sent or received by the phone it is going to be captured. After that, all the details will be sent to you for viewing. Nothing can be more simpler than that. The only thing is that there is a catch to this whole thing. The catch is that the phone's sms messages can only be monitored if you have the opportunity to install the mobile spy software onto the mobile. How long does it takes you may wonder? Well, usually most sms spy software takes a moment to download, install and run but sometimes getting that moment can be very difficult because you may find the person is guarding that phone like a hawk. No worries there are ways and means to get around this.

A common practice is to buy the person a new phone with the text message interceptor pre-installed on the phone in question. Your teen or employee will be so excited they won't suspect anyone has configured such a program on their gift. Christmas and birthdays are great times to implement this type of strategy to intercept their text messages. If it is such that you intended to purchase them a cellular in the first place it makes it even better. Other practices include downloading and setting up the program in the middle of the night, swapping cell phones and more. Intercepting text messages is so important in discovering the truth that many creative ways have been developed to accomplish this task. Just think about it and you will come up with some creative methods as well for your situation. The key is not to allow your kid or staff member know he or she is being monitored otherwise the whole plan would be a failure.

Now that you have installed the sms interceptor and you are able to view every communication that is being sent or received, what next? Well you may discover your initial suspicions may be true. For example  your children maybe involved in sexting or skipping school. The next step you will have to take is actually dealing with issue. It is may not be easy but take this piece of advice; never let the person know how you get your information. Never reveal to them that you intercept text messages and spy on their phone. This will definitely add more fuel to your fire and remember you may need to use this sms spy program at a later time.

If you are serious about purchasing a text message spy app then there are two programs you should seriously consider looking at. The first one is Mobistealth and the second is Mobile Spy.


Mobistealth offers its users a choice between three different packages which are Lite, Pro and Prox. Each package has a different price attached to it  and also its own set of features. As you move from the Lite version and progress to the Prox you would find that the robustness of the attributes increasing. The full range of features include being able to spy on sms messages, call details, photos taken, videos, websites visited, calendar events, gps location of the smart phone, Whatsapp chat, phone conversations (record the actual call for certain smart phones), environment (listen in on the mobile surroundings by turning on the mic) and a few others. The price of Mobistealth is what usually encourage people to use it because its cost just under 40 bucks for its Lite version. If you are interested in finding out more about intercepting text messages with Mobistealth then you must visit www.mobistealthpro.com.

 mobile spy cell phone surveillance app

Mobile spy which is the alternative carries the most features between the two. It has all the features that Mobistealth carries except the one to actually listen in on phone conversations. Besides that it could also be used to monitor facebook chat, twitter, yahoo messenger, imessages, windows live, AOL, you tube videos watched and more. There is also an add-on which is used to see everything which is done on the cell phone. This is called live surveillance and it is like watching the activities of the device on a tv. The starting price of 50 bucks is definitely worth it. One more added bonus with this app is that it permit the user to track up to three separate smart devices (mobiles and tablets) with a single purchase. For further details on how to intercept text messages and other communications with Mobile spy simply visit to go to the main website.