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Whatsapp spy software reviews – What are the best apps to monitor Whatsapp messenger?

spying on whatsapp messengerAre you interested in acquiring a Whatsapp spy app? Do you wish to view the chat on a target mobile or tablet secretly? Well that is no problem. In this review we will be looking at the best programs to monitor Whatsapp messenger.  If you are unfamiliar with this technology that is ok because it will be explained shortly. The first thing you must know is that these types of programs are all classified as cell phone monitoring software. This mean that it is not only Whatsapp chat you will be looking at. In fact most apps facilitate the ability to read text messages, emails, calendar events are more. However, not all of them can be used to spy on this particular service.

When you are utilising a Whatsapp spy app the first thing which you must do is to register for the program. This is on the vendor's website and you will acquire at that time a step by step method of implementation as well as an instant download link. Read the instructions thoroughly before proceeding. The next step would be to install the software onto the target mobile phone. You would have to acquire physical access to the actually do this. You would then use the download link from the email and then install it onto the particular device.

Once that is completed it would start to log the Whatsapp conversation then relaying them to the spy program's main website. On there you would have a personal account so that you would simply have to log on to it to view the messages. This is pretty straight forward that someone non- technical could do it within ten minutes or so. Now it gets to the most important part and that is, which apps should you choose to spy on Whatsapp messenger.

The best choice in software presently is either Mobile spy or Stealthgenie.

mobile spy program

Mobile spy is the number one cell phone monitoring app on the market today. Besides having the capability to monitor the Whatsapp chat this app is also capable of monitoring text messages, blackberry messenger, gps location, emails, imessage, photos, videos, website activities, phone call history, contact details, instant messengers (e.g. msn messenger), calendar events, tasks, social networking (facebook and twitter), contact details and more. It is also able to control the smart phone by locking, unlocking and complete wipe. If you choose to use this app then you would be able to track the activities of three smart phones with one license. The cost of subscription starts at $49.95USD. For further details visit


Stealth Genie is the next Whatsapp spy option. It has a similar list of surveillance features as Mobile spy but it can do quite a bit of advance surveillance which includes listening in on cell phone calls and its surroundings (known mainly as cell phone bugging). The cost as a result is different starting at $59.95USD. If you are interested in finding out more about Stealthgenie then visit